We only utilize open source implementations of documented and security approved cryptographic methods and protocols to provide security solutions in the followin areas:


The interconnection of computers over wireless networks grows more and more popular. Quite frequently simple safety precautions are neglected in favor of convenience.

To provide a secure networking over wireles networks, we offer

  • Audit of existing WLAN installations
  • Implementations based on 802.11i + RADIUS
  • Training and demonstration of vulnerability exploitations
  • WPA password analysis


Virtual private networks (VPN) are used to establish cost-efficient secure connections between different locations without the need to operate a dedicated expensive infrastructure.

We provide:

  • Networking between different locations
  • Connection of external workers and teleworkers

Storage solutions

To minimize the risk of loss of sensible data due to theft or careless handling of data media we build encrypted storage solutions that can easily be incorporated into heterogeneous environments:

  • Fileserver with encrypted data partitions
  • Encrypted backup
  • Hardwareaccelerated encryption for high data transfer requirements

The storage solutions can be integrated in existing networks (e.g. Windows-domains) and are accessible to users without any additional effort