By development of individual software as well as modifications and extensions to existing programs we help you to support your workflow optimally by well targeted use of software. In particular, we provide you technically profound services in the following areas:

  • Design and implememtation of most suitable models and algorithms
  • Development for different platforms
  • Scripting solutions
  • Implementation of autonomous services
  • Construction of individual applications with graphical, text-based or browser-based user interfaces


A variety of database products from the world of open source software as well as from commercial vendors allows an ideal selection on the basis of individual criterias as the area of use, speed, reliability, interoperability and license fees. We support you with

  • Selection, design and setup of appropriate software
  • Analysis and optimization of exsisting systems
  • Design and implementation of suitable datastructures
  • Sheduling and enforcement of backup strategies


Only a well organized interaction of all components involved results in a system that is able to master it's given tasks efficiently and economically.

  • Requirement analysis
  • System design
  • Development, implementation and support of your system

The productive efficiency, reliability and integrity of a system is usually determined by it's weakest components. We implement systems with higher requirements in regard to availability, security und profitability.